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Corporate Interiors

Our corporate clients are treated with that special SGD attention to detail. From open plan workstation spaces to high-level boardrooms…we love them all…..

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Commercial Interiors

SGD specialise in commercial interior design. Office layouts. Space planning. Finishes. Ergonomic and bespoke Furniture. Call us to discuss the feasibility of an office space you are thinking of…

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Aged Care Interiors

We strongly believe our elderly need to be treated with respect and dignity. Why cant their final home here on Earth be one that is beautiful, like a 5 star resort. It can, and it is….take a look…

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Interior Expertise

Lea and Graeme Spencer are 2 highly talented individuals who have melded their unique talents to create an amazing tour-de-force in SGD.
They work away from the mainstream of the design industry – creating spaces that are unique and personal – choc full of interesting ideas and solutions.
SGD has been creating amazing spaces in Brisbane for over 20 years.


Reasonable Price

Lets face it design isn’t cheap – but if you want something that looks fantastic, works (now AND tomorrow) – give us a call – we will work with your budget – things don’t have to cost a fortune to be creative!


24 / 7 Support

We live and breathe our business and you can email us anytime and we will never let you down (but we do sleep-in sometimes)


Free Consultation

Work with us, we’ll come to your office, discuss your needs and wants even give you a few ideas – then let us show you how it’s done. Please schedule a free appointment today.


Lea Spencer says..

I love my life designing. I have forever thrived on a challenge and love to create spaces that work well – look a bit different to what you might expect, but feel amazing.

It’s the very simple things, the tiniest details and those finishing touches, knowing texture and colour and not accepting close enough.
Graeme and I bounce our ideas around and work closely together in every facet of a project – we love our business, developing and creating our interiors together it’s this combination of our talents that make our projects just work. There’s always, ALWAYS a point where our ideas just click and BOOM!- the project is fabulous.

I live it, breathe it, love it!



Graeme Spencer says..

I grew up knowing exactly what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. Creating interiors, planning space, designing
furniture, creating things that look great and work has always been my passion.

Lea and I formed a unique creative team with SGD bringing some amazing eclectic ideas to our individual work. I have never stopped loving it.




SGD carry out projects large and small along the East Coast of Australia. Centrally located in Brisbane we do regular projects in Northern Queensland – Rockhampton, Cairns and Emerald. We also carry out many in Australia’s major centres; Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide. Some lucky clients in the USA and NZ have had the pleasure of our design expertise!

We Do Everything Better

Spencer Group Design are a unique boutique company specialising in the design and fitout of commercial interiors

At Spencer Group Design our philosophy is to understand our client’s needs, desires, ideals, budget and time frame and to design a space that works well with all of these things in mind BUT in all this be fast and efficient, be responsive and caring.

DESIGN – It’s not good enough to create an amazing space to look at…it MUST work – the relationship trail must flow, people must have a work
space that they enjoy, a space where they can function well.

MANAGEMENT – The project needs to be created in a commercial sense – with real budgets, real time restriction and then coordinated and
managed to completion.

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